VHDA Inspection Notice

TO:               All Stafford Lakes Residents

FROM:         Amurcon Realty Company

DATE:          Friday, March 21st, 2014

SUBJECT:   VHDA Inspection


This notice is to advise you that Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) will be conducting a physical inspection on Thursday, April 10th, 2014, beginning at 9:00am.  The physical inspection will include all areas of Stafford Lakes and all units are subject to inspection. This is a very important and detailed inspection.  It is extremely important that we score well and without violations.

In order to ensure that units are ready for this inspection, management has prepared a checklist to use in preparation of the April 10th, 2014 inspection date.  Although many of the items on the checklist are specific to management and maintenance, if you follow the guidelines and directions in this checklist, problems can be identified early and corrected prior to the inspection.  This will also allow you to avoid negative findings and violations by the VHDA inspector.

You should immediately begin using and following this checklist.  You should also immediately notify the office to schedule service request(s) and/or maintenance needs. Click here to make a Service Request.

In the coming weeks, management will begin conducting pre-inspections for each unit.  You do not have to be at home for the inspections to occur, but, upon notification, please make arrangements should you choose to be present.

Please remember that this inspection information is only a SAMPLE of what the VHDA inspector is looking for.  If there are any specific items that you have questions and/or concerns about, please contact the office during regular business hours.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Zachary C. Swaney

Amurcon Realty Company

[email protected]

Ext. 11


Inspection Checklist:

  • GFI Outlet (test button):  Should test at least monthly
  • Outlet cover & Cable outlet cover:  No cracks or exposed wiring
  • Water damage/stain:  Must be reported and corrected
  • Door hinge:  Properly aligned and working (lock and latch)
  • Electrical Panel:  NO obstruction, easy access
  • Oven door:  Seal has no breaks, frays, etc. NO FOIL
  • Refrigerator door seal:  No breaks, frays, etc.
  • Crisper trays:  Properly aligned, not cracked/broken
  • Stove burner:  All 4 must work properly and be free of damage
  • Range hood filter/screen:  Must be clean, free of grease and damage
  • Range hood:  Clean and free of grease.  Proper sized bulb
  • Drip pan:  All 4 must be clean, free of grease and rust, etc.  NO FOIL
  • Shower diverter valve:  Must work properly
  • Bath tiles:  Must be clean and free of cracks.  Grout and caulk must be white (original color) and have NO mildew and/or tears.  Before you place a call for service, use a beach cleaner, following manufacturer directions, and thoroughly clean the area.
  • Tub stopper and Sink stopper MUST be present and visible to inspector.
  • Front and Back door: Lock properly
  • Bedroom doors: No keyed locks

** Pricing – Blinds $45.00 – Drip Pans $16.00 – Vertical Slate $5.00/ea


Management Notes:

On the day of the inspection (April 10th, 2014), there can be NO obstructions and/or items blocking access to the electrical panel, windows and exit doors (front door and sliding glass patio door).  The inspector considers each exit (windows and doors) to be an escape route in an emergency.  Also, the inspector needs easy access to each window and door, as the inspector will check the screen, lock, glass, etc. on each one.  If the inspector finds any obstruction(s) and/or items blocking access and cannot easily reach them, the inspector will note it as a violation for your unit. 

All smoke detectors will be tested and must be working properly.  If it is disconnected or chirping, the inspector will note it as a violation for your unit.        

If the inspector finds excess storage and/or clutter, etc.  he/she will consider it as a trip and fall hazard/fire code violation and will note it as a violation for your unit.  Also, all extension cords must be affixed and must not create a trip hazard.

Pests (roaches) must be reported for extermination immediately.  If the inspector finds just ONE roach, he/she will consider it an infestation and a violation for your unit.  


Click here to Download the VHDA Inspection Notice sent to your door on 3/21/14 as a PDF

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