Are you covered?

renters-insuranceGive your belongings the protection they deserve! Renter’s Insurance is a wonderful option for residents and we highly recommend each and every one of our tenants to obtain some type of renter’s insurance policy when renting from us.¬†There are many insurance companies in the market to choose from when choosing renter’s insurance and many of the plans are less than $10.00/month.¬† Sometimes your auto insurance company will discount your auto insurance if your bundle your auto insurance with your renters insurance policies! Below are some common myths that most renter’s think when renting an apartment.



My landlord has insurance that will cover my personal contents if anything were to happen to them.

Landlord’s insurance generally only covers the structure, not resident’s personal contents.

As a renter, if something were to happens to the building I live in, my landlord will be responsible for my additional living expense.

Landlord’s insurance generally doesn’t provide additional living expenses for tenants after a covered loss.

Most of the renters in my building have appropriate liability and contents coverage.

Approximately 50% of the renters market is uninsured! By having uninsured renters, you could be exposed to increased potential damage to your personal property or of becoming involved in litigation.


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